Thursday, May 6, 2010

Hollywood Post Office

1615 Wilcox Ave.
Los Angeles, CA 90028

The Hollywood Post Office was built in 1935 for the Treasury Relief Art Project (TRAP). The architect was Claude Beelman who started as a self-taught draftsman. Beelman also built the Los Angles County Fair Gallery for the WPA in 1937. Other buildings he built are the Eastman Columbia Building downtown and the Elks Club across from MacArthur Park.

The post office building looks substantial but has simple lines in a classical style but with art deco references in the steel windows and minimal decoration. Greek key designs frame the interior ceiling.

The wood relief of “Horseman” located above the front door in the lobby was created by Gordon Newell and Sherry Peticolas. Both men also worked on the reliefs in the San Fernando Post Office.

Photograph of wood relief by Jordan McAlister

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