Thursday, May 6, 2010

Santa Monica City Hall

1685 Main St
Santa Monica, CA 90401

The Santa Monica City hall was built between 1938-1939 and designed in the Art-Deco-Moderne Style by Donald B. Parkinson and J.M. Estep. Donald B. Parkinson and his father, John Parkinson are known for designing some of Los Angeles’s most iconic building, City Hall, Union Station and the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum along with several building at USC.

The murals were painted by Stanton MacDonald-Wright, the director of the Southern California Division of the Federal Works Progress Administration form 1935-1942. He created a new method of painting called “Petrachrome.” The paint is mixed with crushed tile, marble, and granite. Once it had dried it was then polished. This revolutionary technique was recognized as an important development in the evolution of mural painting.

As it turns out MacDonald-Wright taught at Otis Art School and one of his students was Henry Lion who sculpted the Cabrillo statue in San Pedro.

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