Thursday, May 6, 2010

San Pedro High School

1001 W. 15th St.
San Pedro, CA 90731

Two buildings at San Pedro High School, the Administration building and the Language Arts building were both built by the WPA in 1936. There is no evidence that the flagpole in front of the Administration building are WPA, however the art themes of academics, industrial art, home economics and athletics is meant to highlight themes supported by the government.

In the San Pedro High School Library the murals called “Industrial Life in San Pedro” were painted by Thomas Tyrone Comfort in 1937. The murals are oil on canvas. It consists of nine panels, four are 4x8 feet and five are 10x8 feet. He was an FAP, Federal Arts Project muralist and illustrator. Very few examples of his work exist because he died at the age of thirty in 1939. However some of his work resides in the White House.

Mural photographs from San Pedro High School Photo Gallery

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